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Created in 2010 by three French decorating enthusiasts, claims to be a trendsetter. 100% online, the brand offers furniture that is easy to live with, different but above all original! These three years of meteoric success have confirmed its creators in their main objective: to make design beautiful, affordable and accessible to all. By launching two new collections per week, makes sure to constantly surprise its audience while boosting its offer. Story of a winning strategy.

An innovative concept was born across the Channel, in the arty and alternative neighborhood of Nothing Hill. At the controls, three French entrepreneurs passionate about design and decoration. Ning Li, Chloé Macintosh and Julien Callède have combined their aspirations and their skills to overturn the rules of design and embark on an innovative entrepreneurial adventure. The rule is simple: no stocks, no shops, no intermediaries. Customers order via the Internet, and when the same product reaches a sufficient number of requests, the production is launched. In return for prices pulled down, the wait can last several weeks. The game is however worth the candle because quality and aesthetics are at the rendezvous! After having won over 100,000 in the United Kingdom, the three creators decided to cross the Channel to launch themselves in France. Successful bet for the online brand that today relies on the support of big names on the net (Marc Simoncini, the creator of Meetic or Brent Hoberman, founder of With two new weekly collections, a reactive and transparent after-sales service, and an original catalog, continues its ascent and intends to settle down all over Europe!

Design for everyone

Democratizing beautiful furniture is the spearhead of CEO Ning Li. With a selection of more than 200 products, the online brand takes an innovative approach to key pieces of everyday furniture (armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, etc.) as well as less commonly used furniture (dressing tables, end tables, etc.). Many designers - known or not - put their talent at the service of the brand: some of their creations have also become iconic and can boast of already having its bestsellers! In 3 years, the online sales site has become the new area of ​​expression for young talents who collaborate at all stages of the production of their creations, which is not always the case for large furniture brands. In this new model, they find a direct and rapid opportunity to make themselves known to the general public, who in turn can benefit from quality pieces with a unique design! The brand's latest addition, the Contrast collection imagined by Olivia Putman: pretty pieces that adapt to small interiors, both contemporary and classic, thanks to their minimalist shapes. What if you let yourself be tempted?


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