Video: treat a begonia whose leaves have white spots

Video: treat a begonia whose leaves have white spots

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The advice of experts from the Plant Clinic will help you better understand the diseases of your flowers and treat them correctly. On this sequence, it is a begonia which is submitted to Philippe, following the appearance of a kind of white powder on the leaves. Follow the advice and recommendations on video!

Question from the user.

"I have a begonia. I noticed that a kind of white powder, with a floury appearance, appeared on all the leaves. What should I do?"

Watch the video

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Auscultation and diagnosis

A kind of white powder covers the leaves of this begonia; both the youngest and the oldest. The absence of insects suggests that this is a disease. This begonia is a victim of "powdery mildew", caused by powdery mildew, a fungus that frequently attacks this plant. This develops under conditions of high humidity. Not because of watering, but in the presence of water in the air.

Some recommendations

Our expert recommends first of all to monitor the evolution of the disease. If this is a time of year when the humidity in the air decreases naturally, the problem can resolve itself. Otherwise, an antifungal treatment must be carried out, using horsetail manure for example. Do not hesitate to ask a gardening professional to find the right product.


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