Trend: decorative objects to personalize

Trend: decorative objects to personalize

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Today, formatted furniture and accessories are less and less popular because we want our decor to look like us and meet our specific needs. The creators have understood this and offer more and more models where you can bring your personality into each object by taking part in a certain way in the creation process. We have selected five objects on which you will be able to act and offer you a tailor-made decoration.

Fatboy's Edison lamp

We knew Fatboy for his incredible floor poufs but the original brand does not stop there and also invests in decorative accessories. With Edisons lamps, a tribute to the inventor of the bulb, Fatboy signs a creation between simplicity of forms and clever lighting which is suitable for both inside and outside. And so that the timeless Edison adapts to your interior and your tastes, the brand launches 21 covers to personalize the "lampshade" part of the lamp. You will not only be able to put your lamp on patterns but you will also be able to change it as you see fit. A real tailor-made decoration.

Flower pots with Potteryshirt

Starting from the same principle, Potteryshirt offers you to restore colors and sparkles to simple flower pots by dressing them in a decorative dress. You just have to choose the motif of your choice between balloons, leaves, flowers, retro 60 motifs, cubes, Scandinavian motifs or a plain covering, simply assemble it and position it on the pot to give it a more personal style. The good news is that this wardrobe can be used both indoors and outdoors. Available in four sizes, the Potteryshirt will give a new look to your balcony or garden.

Candlesticks with Cookut

At Cookut, we give you carte blanche to create the chandelier of your desires. Created by designer Serge Attalah, the Moji candle holder allows you to build your own candlestick using basic "bricks" and two types of connectors. You can thus create a set of candlesticks of the size of your choice, with as many candles as you want and in the colors that you like thanks to a wide choice of 26 colors. Enough to rediscover your childhood soul with this decorative object which takes up the Lego® principle.

The Page Lamp by Pa Design

What if it was up to you to design your lamp? With Page Lamp, Pa Design offers you a notepad lamp that you can customize as you see fit. It's up to you to customize with pencil, paint or sticker one of the five proposals of the notepad or to completely reinvent the light on one of the five blank sheets. The designer is you!

Fabulem's library

And if you want to go further by becoming the designer of your furniture, you should be seduced by the concept of Fabulem which offers modules called lems which allow you to compose a piece of furniture that evolves according to your desires. As easy to assemble as to dismantle, you can create a shelf with three modules and transform everything into a coffee table the next day thanks to the patented assembly principle which offers four anchor points which allow seven different connections. Most ? 11 colors available and a recyclable polymer wood structure made with PEFC sawmill wood waste.