What is the difference between black and gray water?

What is the difference between black and gray water?

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Answer: the sewage comes from the sanitary facilities (toilets).

Domestic water is water discharged from domestic installations (kitchen, bathroom and washing machines). The wastewater comes from the toilets. All of the water discharged from homes (domestic water + sewage) constitutes wastewater. Gray water contains chemicals (detergents) and organic waste (kitchen, etc.). The sewage water is mainly loaded with faeces. Evacuated together to a collection network - when possible - the wastewater is then treated collectively before being discharged. In old houses - the majority of the housing stock in France -, gray water and sewage still pass through a separate drainage network. This is no longer the case in recent homes. You too, send us your decoration question Create a PVC fitting to evacuate waste water Our practical DIY videos


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