What colors to wake up a white room?

What colors to wake up a white room?

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Design alert, it seems that a new trend is coming up! Decorative magazines and catalogs see life in white, but not only because we use this base to highlight colors and bring decor to life with great freshness. Instructions to try at home before everyone else!

White and bright colors for a design style

White is above all an ideal color if you want to offer yourself a refined interior. It works equally well on walls, floors and furniture and is easy to use. To wake up your white room while remaining in a design universe, you can still opt for a few colors. You will preferably use pure colors like Pantone collection which will bring liveliness to the whole. We can for example opt for yellow, red, green or even blue. And to integrate these colors into your interior, the possibilities are endless. Do not hesitate to play with painting by modifying some details of your interior: a window frame, a geometric shape on a wall ... Keep in mind, however, that your base must be white and that it is therefore this color that must be most present in the room. On the decorative side, one or two colored pieces of furniture can set the tone and you can then add accessories like a carpet, cushions or even a vase. These are the little touches that will make the difference in your decor!

White and pastel colors for a colorful Scandinavian style

This is the trend that is looming for the start of the school year and which is already all the rage during the beautiful days for its fresh and cheerful side: a contemporary white decoration in a rather Scandinavian spirit that is made warmer with touches of soft colors and a bit regressive. Your color code: pastel or tangy tones in shades of pink, green and blue. And be aware that you can even mix these three colors to bring even more colors to the room. The advantage of choosing soft colors is that this trend will also work in a bedroom. In this type of decoration, we prefer to keep the walls entirely white to offer more originality in the decor by multiplying the accessories like so many notes warm that you can change as you wish since they are only accessories. You will bet on vases, candlesticks, small lights but also on small furniture that incorporates some colorful details (such as a coffee table with colored feet). Also think about cushions, rugs and other textiles. Do you want a more original touch? Opt for a sofa that uses one of the flagship colors of your accessories. And be aware that if you do not want to buy a pastel colored sofa for fear of getting bored, you can bet on a cover which will be less expensive and very easy to change! Our practical DIY videos


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