Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker Review

Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker Review

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If it is sometimes difficult to know the fruits and vegetables of the season at your fingertips, there are still products that leave no doubt and that are irreparably attached to the weather conditions. Like the raclette in winter, the ice in summer is obvious (although the latter tends to spread over other seasons). However, like rosé, ice cream has never been appreciated as much as under the heat of a beast.

Should we have an ice cream maker at home or not?

The question arises, a bit like any small appliance. The answer is quite simple, whether for a bread machine or a pasta machine. At the very least, you must already be a consumer of the product and enjoy doing things yourself. Making homemade ice cream necessarily requires a certain amount of organization and waiting time: these constraints assume that the pleasure of preparation and taste satisfaction surpass the ease of buying industrial ice cream. This applies to almost all single-function household appliances, but with regard to the ice-cream maker, I would add two conditions: patience and custard. Patience because an ice cream requires a very long refrigeration time which can be up to 24 hours and custard because it is the basis of practically all ice creams, so it is better to know how to control it.
To test the Magimix Le Glacier ice cream maker, I immediately thought of pistachio ice cream (the recipe is available here), not only because I had bought pistachio paste for my macaroons and it was the essential ingredient for this kind of ice cream but also because it is my husband's favorite ice cream (but why am I telling you this?). Already having the KitchenAid ice cream maker accessory, I'm starting to master the subject and understand the differences between the ice cream makers available on the market. You should know that all ice cream makers with cold accumulator (those that must remain in the freezer before manufacture) work on the same principle: a tank that keeps the cold and a paddle that spins your preparation regularly. Whether your ice cream maker costs 30 or 100 €, the principle remains the same. One may wonder in this case why pay more for the same result? The question is all the more relevant as the ice cream maker is not a daily household appliance, wear is therefore less early than with other devices. However, pay attention to two elements: the power, that of Magimix is ​​15 W, which is a fairly large power compared to others (an important criterion especially if you create ice cream with pieces), and the quality of the blade and the 'axis. I found the quality of the Magimix ice cream maker blade a bit low compared to that of KitchenAid. The Magimix blade is quite flexible and fine, so it can break and I found that in terms of solidity, it was close to a lower end ice cream maker blade. However, and I think this is a very important fact, the Magimix blade is a spare part that can be found very easily and that costs only 8 euros. In comparison, other ice cream makers, even big brands, do not offer blades in spare parts, at least not as easily (as for the first price brands, don't even think about it). What also plays in favor of the Magimix is ​​the longevity of its Le Glacier device, which has existed for several years, so we can assume that the blade will be easily replaceable in the event of breakage, even in 10 years.
I would add two other good points in favor of this ice cream maker. Even if the detail may seem superficial, we appreciate the colors offered for this ice cream maker available in pink but also in red, blue, purple, white and chrome. As this is not a device that stays all year round on the work surface, you can dare the flashy colors that correspond well to the summer spirit specific to ice creams and sorbets. Finally, I put a word for the noise of the engine which is quite silent and does not make the thing unpleasant since the ice cream maker must run continuously between 20 and 30 minutes. So you can stay in your kitchen without being bothered by the noise generated by the ice cream maker. To summarize, the Magimix Le Glacier 1.5 l ice cream maker has, like any appliance, its qualities and its defects.

The positive points

- Nice colors. - A powerful and silent engine. - A brand that ensures quality monitoring.

The negative points

- A plastic blade and axle. - A fairly high price: around 90 €.

Points to improve

- The strength of the blade. - The addition of a lid with spout to facilitate the flow of the preparation in the ice cream maker.

An impeccable result!

Magimix, Le Glacier Ice Cream Maker 1.5 liter, Rose Pitaya, € 89