How to properly clean your tiled terrace?

How to properly clean your tiled terrace?

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The high pressure water cleaner: in small doses

If you have chosen the tiling as a covering for your terrace outdoor and you do not want to wear yourself out by cleaning your tiled terrace, already know that consciously or not, you have made a wise choice! Indeed, the tiling, even outside, is the easiest to clean and maintain on a daily basis.
If your tiled terrace has not been cleaned for ages and is terribly dirty, you can therefore use a high pressure water cleaner; this will not damage the tiling, which tolerates aggressive scouring fairly well.

However, this technique is to be reserved for very dirty tiled terraces : it is a brutal operation which risks, by dint of repetition, to remove the enameled surface of your tiles, to make it porous and thus very difficult to clean. Other techniques and products therefore remain more appropriate ...

Black soap, baking soda, and white vinegar: the winning trio for a clean and shiny tiled terrace

For cleaning a tiled terrace in the rules of the art, no need to buy detergents full of chemicals commercially: they are certainly effective in removing stains from tiles, but if you have flowers or plants around your outdoor terrace, they might also come to an end! This is why, for cleaning your tiled terrace, it is recommended to opt for 100% ecological household products:

  • Start by filling a bucket with warm water and black soap, and clean your patio with a good old broom: stains shouldn't resist, because black soap is a very powerful cleaner.
  • If you're worried that some tougher stains may persist, add a cup of baking soda, another very effective eco-friendly cleaner, for one liter of your soapy water. Thanks to the combined action of the 2 products, you should very easily clean your outdoor tiles.
  • When rinsing with water, you can add a glass of white vinegar per liter of water. White vinegar is also a very good ecological stain remover, and in addition it will prevent the appearance of mold.

Concentrated use for very dirty tiles

If the last session of cleaning your tiles outside goes back a long way and your terrace is really very dirty, all you have to do is use the same ecological products but in a concentrated way.

To do this, make a paste composed of half water and baking soda, and apply it for 1 hour on your tiles (before a thorough rinse): this should allow it to be properly clogged. You should also get rid of moldy tile joints and stubborn stains with a brush soaked in white vinegar barely diluted in water.

Porous joints to protect

If your outdoor tiles is resistant and protected thanks to its enamelled surface, the seals are porous, and therefore easily permeable to weathering and all kinds of dirt. This is why, after a good cleaning of your tiled terrace, it is recommended to pass a waterproofing product which will protect it in particular from mold.

With these tips and cleaning products, your patio tiles should sparkle again!


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