Smart storage for artist workshops

Smart storage for artist workshops

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Collapsing under paintbrushes, sheets of Canson paper and paintings of all kinds is recurrent among born artists. However, the small voice of reason has some reservations about these unorganized practices. His solution: some chic and cheap storage to adopt urgently to see more clearly in our creation workshops and thus work in better conditions. Top 3.

In boxes

And if we compartmentalized gouaches, watercolors, acrylics and oil paints in boxes, to line up wisely on a shelf or stack beautifully on the floor? Purchased in supermarkets or improvised on the spot (diverted shoe boxes for example), there would only have to rename them according to the content (pretty labels, polaroid photos, sketches or drawings) to allow us one thing: no more we tangle brushes!

On service

What if we borrowed the trolleys from the kitchens? Instead of storing dishes, spices, bottles, cutlery and others, we install our collections of markers, sketchbooks, glues and pencils. On three floors, this pretty little world optimizes space, and as a bonus, it keeps all the equipment close at hand.

On the walls

Quick, let's free the floor, let's use the walls! With the help of boxes, bins, or hanging pots to fill with brushes, felts and spray paints, it is easy to purify and tidy up the artistic space in the rules of art. All without snacking on a single square centimeter on the ground! Who says better ?


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