Low prices for sunny days

Low prices for sunny days

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As soon as the sun comes up, you have only one desire: colors and more colors! So to please you in the slightest ray of sunshine, we offer 3 ideas to offer you without breaking the bank. What a great summer!

Envy n ° 1: Melamine tableware

Picnic requires, you need dishes that are easy to transport and that throw on your plaid. The solution ? Melamine, a very light and not at all fragile plastic that will be much more chic and eco-friendly than paper plates. Its plus is to offer very decorative colors perfect for summer and to have very low prices to really enjoy yourself. What more !

Envy n ° 2: Very decorative vases

When the weather is nice, you want color in the house but also nature! So to combine the two, let yourself be tempted by a bouquet of flowers. But to welcome it, we offer above all a small vase which will be a real decorative object in the house. We choose a nice shape and especially beautiful colors that will bring dynamism to the decor.

Envy n ° 3: Cushion covers

Finally, to transform your sofa and put it in the summer time, you trick by changing only the cushion covers. Economical, this little trick has great effects! This summer, we will opt for neon colors that will wake up the decor and echo the sun. All without a cloud in the wallet since the covers are always at lower prices than the cushions. video id = "0" /