Garden book: "Candy plants"

Garden book: "Candy plants"

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Notice to all foodies, Candy plants will awaken your taste buds and immerse you in childhood. The candies are real Proust madeleines, whether they are hard or soft, bite or melt, chew or chew, we all have gourmet memories of treats. This beautiful book by Serge Schall makes us discover the secrets of sweets.

Confectionery: a long-standing story

The book begins with a return on the history of the confectionery which was at the time reserved for medical use. Thus, we learn that honey was used to preserve food and that sugarcane being very rare, sugar was sold by pharmacists.

Nougats, marshmallow, licorice, mint ...

Each candy plant is presented in the form of a portrait. We thus discover the geographical and historical origins of the sweets, their composition, their arrival in France and their different uses. From the best known plants such as anise, vanilla, violet to the most surprising such as dill, coriander, Scots pine, pepper or even potato (the potato contains glucose syrup used for many candies today).
In addition to appetizing and nostalgic images, the book is full of fun and historical anecdotes. Did you know that the idea for sugared almonds dates from 170 BC? At the time, they coated the almond in honey. In the same way, we discover that the melon, rather rare in confectionery, is one of the ingredients of the calisson d'Aix. And as the author points out, plants were used to cure everyday ailments, so before flavoring summer aperitifs, anise helped relieve the digestive system. Thanks to the book, delve into the secrets of sweets. We then discover that it is thanks to the wax of carnauba, a Brazilian palm, that the peanuts coated with chocolate melt in the mouth and not in the hands! Candy plants is very complete, only the recipes are missing! A book for plant and candy lovers accompanied by a practical guide to identify plants during your walks. Candy plants by Serge Schall Editions Plume de carrot / Terra curiosa Collection May 2011/151 pages / € 19.50


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