Create your garden pond with Eric Lenoir

Create your garden pond with Eric Lenoir

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Eric Lenoir is a landscaper specializing in the creation and development of aquatic environments. So we asked him a few questions to get his advice for creating a home garden pond.

Tell us about your background.

I am a landscaper by training, and I studied at the Ecole Du Breuil, in the Bois de Vincennes in Paris. The continuation is an atypical course, where I could approach nature, and the plant in particular, of a thousand and one ways - professional or not until finally taking my courage in both hands to take over from a nurseryman passionate who was retiring and setting up my landscape business in stride. I then continued by developing a unique range and my work around water and wetlands, from the smallest basin to the wildest ponds, without losing the taste for "classic" landscape design, but to my way.

Who can create a pond in their garden? Is it accessible to all?

Everybody ! As long as a waterproof container is available, a basin is possible!

What should you know before embarking on the creation of a pool?

That it will not go as planned. The first thing to know is that a basin is something simple in its design and maintenance, if you take care to make it well. It all depends on his tastes. The construction of a stone basin all around does not present the same technical constraints as a small landscaped basin surrounded by riverbank plants. Think about its location, the leaves of the trees that may fall into it (it does not matter, but sometimes they must be removed if you have high cleanliness requirements), near an electrical outlet, a water point which will be useful in the heart of summer…

Which plants can be integrated into a pond?

There are many. Much more than one imagines elsewhere. But the majority of them grows in less than 10 cm of water, and most often just flush with water. In fact, when designing, choose large areas of shallow lagoon, they will be the "lung" of the basin and will allow you to install a flora as varied as it is aesthetic. Right now I have a soft spot for Hypericum tetrapterum 'Flora', a selection from the nursery that grows golden each spring, before turning green and becoming covered with golden yellow flowers in summer. There are also, of course, the classic Water Lilies, the Pontederia with their haughty look and blue spikes, and so many other varieties that I cannot list here.

Does a pool require a lot of maintenance?

Very few, in reality. If it was designed simply - a measure of success - most of the work will consist in limiting the development of aquatic plants, generally very prolific, or in repotting them. Devices fitted with filters, pumps, etc. will only require annual cleaning, for example during winter rest.

Where can we see examples of ponds?

You can see it everywhere, if you pay attention. Among the most interesting landscaped basins, I recommend those in the Schoppenwhir Park, near Colmar, which are constantly being improved. The Parc Floral de Vincennes in Paris and the Parc Floral de la Source in Orléans also have beautiful aquatic facilities. Other smaller gardens, less famous, but just as interesting from a water point of view are visible throughout France, such as the Arboretum of Balaine in Allier or the Jardin des Dentelles in Loiret. "Simply create a garden pond" by Eric Lenoir, published by Ulmer. You can also find Eric Lenoir in the 10th OTJ Carnet (Observatory of Garden Trends).