Is the Housing Technical Sheath compulsory?

Is the Housing Technical Sheath compulsory?



Answer: yes in the majority of cases.

More commonly known as the GTL, the Housing Technical Sheath is an electrical installation that allows the power arrivals and departures of the housing to be grouped together. Like any electrical installation, the GTL represents a certain cost. The question then arises whether it is compulsory. There is only one case where GTL will not be deemed mandatory. This is a renovation of the electrical installation of a dwelling without any modification or rehabilitation of the partitions (you keep exactly the same architecture). In other cases, that of a new electrical installation or that of a renovation with modification of the partitions, the Housing Technical Sheath is compulsory. Finally, note that the Housing Technical Sheath will have approximately the following interior dimensions: 60 cm wide, 20 cm deep and the entire height from floor to ceiling. You too, send us your DIY question.