Meeting with Aurélie Hemar, essential decorator

Meeting with Aurélie Hemar, essential decorator

You have already seen it at work in Maison à Vente and in Ma Maison is the most original, Aurélie Hemar is the essential decorator who does not fail to put her expert eye at the service of your favorite shows. We asked him a few questions to find out a little more.

Tell us about your background

I did a baccalaureate in applied arts where I studied design, art history, architecture… During my studies, I wanted to do interior decoration and interior architecture . At the time, it was not as widespread as today and it was necessary to make pure architecture. I was discouraged as a result, I turned to fashion. My bac applied arts in pocket, I went to a fashion school and I got my stylist diploma. At the end of my secondary studies, I left to live a year in London to have an experience abroad, when I returned to France I was hired by a ready-to-wear brand. I worked as a stylist on the trading part (I traveled a lot in China). After 3 months, I didn't like it at all, I realized that I had made a mistake. I held 3 years and after I left my post to find my first desires to know interior design. With the basics I had, I decided to set up my Hemara Home company in January 2008 and everything went quickly, the machine was launched. A month after setting up my company, I started on Maison à Vente. I've been working on the show for 5 years and 2 years for my house is the most original.

What is your job as a decorator?

My work is more that of an interior designer than a decorator. I work mainly on global housing rearrangement projects, I realize 2D plans, 3D views, choice of materials, colors, project monitoring. I work with my teams of entrepreneurs all trades, we do site meetings ... in short, my work is not limited to making a sketch and choosing a sofa. What I like most about my job is when I have to completely remodel an interior. I like to go to construction sites with big jobs. I find that there is a link with my first job, since a stylist models a garment with fabric and well I rethink an interior.

What is the difference with your role in House for Sale?

In Maison à Vente, my role is different since I do home staging. I redecorate an interior, depersonalize it, make it more neutral so that it appeals to the greatest number. The budget is very tight, the work is minimal, it is essentially a makeover and not interior architecture.

What is the number 1 tip you would give to decorate its interior?

The main advice I can give is to respect and observe the volumes of a house. If the interior is dark, do not put dark colors on the walls. As for the use of color so as not to make a mistake, choose neutral colors but play with contrasts, a beautiful gray brown with off-white for example, and punctuate with color but in accessories. It is easier to change color accessories than a wall. And last tip, do not put furniture that is disproportionate to the size of the room.

How do you bring originality to your home?

Originality is a very broad word! I especially think that it is important to create an interior that looks like us, specific to each and to make feel his personality. And I think people are really in this state of mind, hence the craze in decoration stores. People want to personalize their furniture, their walls…

How is your interior?

I am not lucky enough to be an owner so being a tenant, I have not invested in high-end materials. I love parquet floors in aged solid oak, beautiful materials, I have also used them at my agency. For me the walls and the floors are the most important, I always say that if the base is good, we can put any piece of furniture and it will pass. So at home the base is neutral despite a black wall because I love the black on the walls it gives depth and a theatrical aspect, I created a universe that looks like me at the same time simple, warm. And finally, I brought a touch of elegance with the materials and materials.