Mistakes to avoid in wedding decor

Mistakes to avoid in wedding decor

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For your wedding, you have thought of everything down to the smallest detail of the decoration. But did you know that we do not decorate a reception place for a wedding in the same way as what we could do at home? To make your wedding the most decorative day of your life, we suggest you discover the mistakes to avoid so that everything is perfect!

Do not scatter

To make your wedding decoration, you will have to focus on a theme that will allow you to create a common thread. Indeed, it is especially for decoration that you must choose a theme for your wedding! Do not worry however because your theme can be a simple duo of colors, a classic theme like the country style but you can also let your imagination run wild with a circus or Middle Ages theme, everything is possible!

Do not overload balloons and tulle

Watch out for the kitsch decor! Don't fall for clichés and balloons, crepe paper garlands and tulle galore. The idea is not that the reception hall looks like a child's party or a meringue but that it reflects the atmosphere you want to give to your wedding. Know that you can create an elegant and harmonious decoration without being more expensive because everything is in the dosage!

Don't neglect the lighting

Keep in mind that your wedding will continue after dark and that you will have to think of pleasant lighting throughout the evening. It is also the lighting that will give a warm atmosphere to your reception venue. To succeed, it is strongly advised to multiply the different lighting points. We can bet on paper lanterns, garlands or a multiplication of candle holders with candles to create very decorative lighting that will have an effect with your guests. Guaranteed magical atmosphere!

Don't forget the flowers

To bring a refreshing, elegant touch and above all a note of life, flowers are essential. You can put as much as you want to brighten up your reception venue. They are placed in particular in the center of the table to dress each table of guests. However, you will need to ensure that the flowers that make up the centerpiece are not too fragrant or too high so as not to interfere with conversations between the different guests on either side of the table. We then opt for low bouquets!

Don't put the details aside

Of course, the wedding decoration must be a whole that creates an atmosphere but keep in mind that it is the details that will make the difference! Indeed, at the table, your guests will have plenty of time to dissect the decoration and they will then be sensitive to details. Likewise, the details can magnify a buffet: you can add for example colored straws, small pennants on the different dishes or pretty labels announcing the different dishes.