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Spring version wood

Spring version wood

Very trendy, wood follows the seasons and offers a new decorative look to welcome spring. Light wood and fluorescent and acid colors are the new winning duo that we are adopting this season.

Wood takes on colors

Already this winter, light wood was the star of our interiors. With its soft and warm colors, its timeless character appealed to classic interiors as well as the most designer. Furniture and wooden objects create a surprise this spring by offering a new seasonal look that is both simple and character: bright color. From now on, the sideboard 50 that made us look dressed in a fluorescent door at Weewood and the vases are offered fuschia rings at A dondé. The idea of ​​the creators: add a note of cheerfulness proper to spring while preserving the simplicity and authenticity of the wood. We love the colorful result which gives a quirky result to furniture and accessories.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The good news is that you can easily create this trend yourself! For that, it will be enough to customize an existing piece of furniture or to hunt for furniture to give it a new trendy look. You can paint a closet door, color the legs of a chair or highlight the outline of a piece of furniture with a note of neon color. Only constraint, sand and dust the front surface so that the paint adheres well. Are you afraid to get started with paint? You can also cheat using brightly colored tape or sheets of vinyl paper!