Mistakes to avoid in a New York decor

Mistakes to avoid in a New York decor

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Adopting a New York decor is super trendy! However, faced with clichés, it is very easy to fall into the corny or the banality. Our advice to follow to avoid it and ensure a daring decorative trip.

Mistake # 1: Falling into the Total Look

The three letters "N.Y.C" which fuse in all directions, prints of buildings declined on the walls, the bed linen and on the carpet the skyline in stickers: no thank you, we don't want that! If all these decorative choices have the common point of setting the tone (impossible not to notice all the references to New York), this total awkward look makes New York lose a little of its charm. The solution: avoid playing the "NYC kitsch or NYC tourist" card by ceasing to overload the decor. The idea: limit yourself to accessorization and if possible, only 2 or even 3 decorative pieces referring to New York. The rendering will be all the more subtle and clearly better controlled! Thus, in a bedroom, the New York atmosphere will simply be created by a bedside lamp and three mismatched XXL letters (an N, a Y and a C). In the living room, cushions and a few frames will do the trick while in the entrance, a coat rack and a doormat reminiscent of the city that never sleeps will be enough to take us elsewhere…

Mistake 2: staying in the déjà vu

The trap: the second mistake to avoid when tackling a New York style decor, is to settle for a classic staging (except if it is the children's room: in this case, it is difficult to get rid of the received ideas that make them dream). Posters of mythical landscapes that we know by heart even when we have never set foot there, prints representing the Statue of Liberty or yellow taxis: certainly, all these elements create the desired style, however, they do not do not surprise and do not cause admiration! The solution: go in search of original, quirky or unique decorative elements that will make the difference and stand out for their authenticity. Choose, for example, a painting representing a map of the Manhattan subway rather than a mythical photograph, a coat rack like a multidirectional panel on which would be inscribed the most famous districts of the city or even pages of the famous newspaper "New York Times" to frame as works of art.

Mistake # 3: not setting a specific sub-style

The trap: staying on the common thread "New York" without trying to deepen and enrich it. In fact, if New York is a style in its own right, transcribing only its "urban jungle" aspect while the city is also bubbling in the field of art, music, sport, luxury, is somewhat reducer. The solution: choose one of the many facets of this very inspiring city to better orient the final decor. If what appeals to New York is the art movements that are very present in the city, it's up to you to bring out in your decoration the art gallery aspect between decorative canvases, underground photos and graffiti. The omnipresence of "lofts", translate it thanks to the presence of a brick wall, whether it is real or trompe-l'oeil. The New York paradise of fashionistas, present in the Sex & the City series or more recently in Gossip Girl will be present, through precious objects and staging. As for the New York of film buffs and music lovers, reserve a place for it in your decoration thanks to a few shots of cult films or vinyls framed on the wall…