What type of wallpaper to fly to New York?

What type of wallpaper to fly to New York?

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Plant a New York decor with wallpaper, we vote for it. We still have to choose the style of model that best suits us ...

Graphic wallpaper

Paris versus New York, does that mean anything to you? Normal. This graphic match of Paris against New York, gathered in the book of the artist Vahram Muratyan living between the two cities, made a cardboard. The author has even recently published a second, more generous version of this 100% friendly city match. The crush is such that the Domestic brand declined two of the pages of the book in the form of strip wallpaper. One represents the front of a Haussmannian building, the other that of a typically New York building. Difficult to make more graphic and more unusual than this last model to sow, on the walls, the scenery towards the Big Apple! We are a radical fan.

Panoramic wallpaper

Another possibility to land in the heart of the urban jungle? Plant a panoramic view of Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park, in the bedroom or in the living room! The visual illusion should operate in two movements, three movements… It remains to find the trompe-l'oeil that we need. On the declick.eu site, we love the breathtaking black and white view of the Empire State Building and all the buildings-sphere of the city. On declikdeco, it is the whole island of Manhattan that makes us dream while at Saint Maclou, the mythical bridge leading there seems more than ever to give us a pole… We are tempted?

Factory wallpaper

Brick, brick and more brick. This is the creed of trompe-l'oeil wallpapers whose objective is to make us land in the heart of New York lofts, so characteristic of the Big Apple. At Koziel (brick model), we love their aged red look for a rendering more real than life; At Saint Maclou (factory model), we like their whitewashed effect for a "loft revisited" and more contemporary style.

Iconic wallpaper

Some patterns speak for themselves. The Union Jack takes us to London, the Eiffel Tower to Paname. And to embark to New York, nothing like buildings and taxis by the dozen! This is a category in which wallpapers play the icon, multiplying their favorite prints in series, as at Castorama where skyscrapers dare to multiply in large numbers. A graphic and classic trend to which we sometimes prefer more singular interpretations…

Underground wallpaper

Aim for an N.Y.C decoration underground version rather than bling? The walls are for! Graffiti effect to immerse yourself in the "Brooklyn" universe, or disproportionate metro map to appropriate the New York "subway", everyone has to decide! Note that at ohmywall.com (and not oh my god!), There is a vertical covering in the shape of the latter, history that the most cult stations, from Wall Street to Times Square, transport us, poetically, in the basements of the city that never sleeps.