What color to match with green?

What color to match with green?

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Match the warm green tones

The principle

They are called lime green, leaf green, lawn green or avocado green. The particularity of these so-called "hot" greens: carry yellow in them. A touch of sunshine which makes them particularly warm and dapper. As a result, the rule is that they should preferably be associated with cold nuances, a choice which makes it possible to obtain a balanced and harmonious rendering. Besides, there is no question of playing the total look green! Indeed, if in the middle of nature we love it indoors, the use of green without moderation sows a feeling of suffocation. Only one solution therefore: combine it with other nuances!

Some examples

In a child's bedroom enlivened by apple green storage furniture, we vote for shades that will subtly soften the space: for example old pink walls if it's a girl or mist blue if it's a boy. In the same idea, an office whose walls would be painted in a "chartreuse" green color, nothing like concrete-colored furniture to appease the whole. We can also imagine grass green furniture in the kitchen, the excess of good humor would be contrasted thanks to a two-color theme: green / white.

Combine the cool shades of green

The principle

Unlike the hot greens loaded with yellow, the so-called "cold" greens such as the emerald shades (which is THE shade of the year according to Pantone), are because they contain blue. To use them brilliantly in our interior, there is nothing like combining them with warm shades. We will add that the darker the starting color, the more we must favor, in return, a pale color. Conversely, if it is cold but clear, it is preferably combined with a warm but dark color. Or the art of balancing the nuances between them!

Some examples

An emerald green sofa, a token of elegance, which proudly presides over the living room? Why not combine it with a mustard yellow wallpaper, which will brighten it up beautifully? A shelf displaying a collection of fir green accessories? She could wear a fuchsia pink or even purple / mauve color to wake up her sleeping femininity. A section of water lily or linden-colored wall deserves to be paired with blond wooden furniture if the desired ambiance is natural. On the other hand, in search of a pop, fresh and vitamin-rich decoration, we will prefer the audacity to boost it with multicolored accessories, stripes, geometric patterns, flashy or vibrant colors (the visual above show the example)! Green life is ours!


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