How about a tent in the games room?

How about a tent in the games room?

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It takes little for a child to become the hero of stories and adventures born of the fruit of his imagination. Still, there is nothing like a second home, more fun and smaller (because of their taste and size), to allow them to escape better than ever to the imaginary country. Our good plans to build one, tent / teepee or marquee version, in their games room…

Play tents: our top 3

We took a tour, on the side of the big brands, to find models of top play tent. Here is what we reported. First of all, a marquee (named Cirkustält) signed Ikéa and at the very soft price of € 19.99. Brimming with primary colors, this miniature playground in the shape of circus camps should delight toddlers. At Serendipity, it is impossible to resist "my teepee", a crisp purple tent in which it is obvious for the little ones to improvise Indian chefs by surrounding themselves with a tribe of stuffed animals! Our third favorite is based on a Ferm Living novelty discovered in the latest edition of the Maison & Objet trade fair. Under the name of Kids Tent, this model is as beautiful as it is ingenious. Equipped with two cotton boards connected to each other by one end, it opens slightly to form said play tent and closes in an extra flat block for easy storage without cluttering the space! Malin.

A do-it-yourself play tent

The trend of play tents wowed the dé team so much that we even made one, homemade. The task is not complicated to achieve! With three broomsticks, a rope, colorful patterned fabrics and a sewing machine, our decor stylist succeeded in just 45 minutes and without pitfalls. Now it's your turn to take action! Easy with the video instructions, to discover: here…