How to prepare paneling before varnishing or painting it?

How to prepare paneling before varnishing or painting it?

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Answer: a sound support is essential for the paint to last.

As with any wooden support, the paneling must be clean and dry before any painting work. New paneling requires no treatment. For an old paneling but which has never been painted before, you can sand it if necessary and wash it before applying a primer to prevent the wood from absorbing the paint too much. In the case of a paneling that you want to repaint or refinish, you must first remove the old paint if it flakes off. The ideal is to bring the wood bare. This operation can be carried out by sanding or using a chemical stripper, paying attention to the precautions for use. As with new paneling, a coat of tack paint will allow you to use less paint or varnish. One coat is usually sufficient. Otherwise, just apply a second one. You too, send us your DIY question.