"Cord" trend in decoration

"Cord" trend in decoration

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In search of an atypical and artisanal natural decor, we have left aside the timeless wood essence in favor of a less common, but just as beautiful material: rope. Because it fits perfectly with our premise of ecological decor and our desire for simplicity in all originality…

The art of string macramé version

The macramé evokes you the art of creating Brazilian bracelets? The answer is not wrong. On the other hand, against all expectations, its definition is broader. Indeed, this art also includes the creation of decorative objects made from rope or string. At a time when creative hobbies are in full swing, we do not hesitate to try this trend between making textiles or basketwork.

Rope and design, our favorites

On the design side, some pieces with natural, braided, knotted or coiled rope are worthy of mention. Our favorites ? The round, rust-like mirror from Chehoma, divinely suspended using a large rope. At Henriette H, the cord material, chicly customizes the lampshade of the Ma Sieste lamp. Ouma Productions fascinates us with its Charpoy stool of Indian inspiration, whose seat is entirely composed of colored braided rope, just like with its "Cord" cushion, trompe-l'oeil effect. But the "rope" style is not necessarily a total look! Becquet proves it to us with storage furniture whose handles are pretty cords, as if to breathe a little seaside air. It remains for everyone to choose how to appropriate it!


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