Top 5 low-cost shelves for the living room

Top 5 low-cost shelves for the living room

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To energize a somewhat empty wall or offer you a new space for storage or decorative items, all without breaking the bank, it's on the shelf that you have to bet! At a low price, however, it has a maximum effect on the wall provided you choose the right model. To help you, we give you our top 5!

The Baroque shelf of Presse Citron

To give baroque airs to your living room, a shelf is enough! You will opt for the Big Barok model at 49 euros which will elegantly frame the decorative objects that you entrust to it.

The Miliboo design shelf

With these rounded lines, this shelf will bring elegance and a graphic touch to your wall. With these three lockers, it will allow you to classify a few books and DVDs or to have decorative objects in an original way. (44 euros)

The Winsnake Conforama shelf

Inspired by the Snake game on mobile phones, this shelf has geometric zig zags that completely revisit the traditional shelf. You will place your books in a tilted way for a very original look. (19.99 euros)

The Jardin d'Ulysse Locker shelf

For an industrial and very graphic look, we put on metal lockers to fix on the wall to install some decorative objects or books. If you have the possibility, do not hesitate to multiply the lockers for an even more decorative effect. (21 euros)

The invisible Umbra shelf

What if your books set the scene for the walls? This will be the case with the invisible shelf that will allow your books to hang on the wall as if by magic. (19.90 euros)


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