How to use resin to cover a concrete floor?

How to use resin to cover a concrete floor?

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Question from Joël:


Answer: call a professional

Hello Joël, resin is a coating often used by industry and commerce but which is more and more in tune with the times for home floors! A resin will adhere to your polished concrete floor from the moment the concrete is firmly attached to the floor of your room. This will prevent any detachment during the drying of the resin. The only materials on which the resin does not adhere are silicone and plastic. Also be aware that the resin cannot be applied if the soil has rising damp. The surface will also need to be flat, with no holes or large cracks. You will find the resin in large DIY surfaces. But beware ! I strongly advise you to call a professional for guaranteed regularity and aesthetics, taking into account the surface you have to cover! In terms of prices, count 150 to 300 € / m2 for a polyurethane resin, installation included and 50 to 150 € / m2 for an epoxy resin, installation included. You too, send us your decoration question


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