An eco-friendly but chic Christmas Eve table

An eco-friendly but chic Christmas Eve table

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One of your good resolutions is to adopt the green attitude. A choice that deserves ... The best thing is to apply it on the big night of Christmas Eve, to start, it is said, the year in style. Follow the guide !

A chic and eco-friendly table is possible!

Stop unjustified prejudices and unwillingness. An ecological but chic table, it exists! Everything lies in good decorating tips to steal. First, the tablecloth or table runner may well see a long roll of thick felt roll out. Wait for the result before you refuse! It is indeed above them that everything is played out. Because then topped with silver plates (although in cardboard), wooden cups and candlesticks, cork vases and majestic branches covered with gold leaf, enchantment and natural elegance prevail. To replace the holiday glitter, pellets of wood chips can then sublimate the table while we hasten to complete the whole thing with ecological candles and champagne glasses. Convinced?


On the shopping side, a few key pieces of the decor caught our attention. They are called "Cork Dinner Mats" at Ferm Living, a cork tray divinely adorned with forest motifs, felt coasters at Muskhane or even "Gaspar" at Alinéa (a gray wooden candlestick). It's up to you whether or not to follow these few decorative favorites to the letter, to enhance your holiday table! Merry Christmas!


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