Small appliances for festive meals!

Small appliances for festive meals!

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Preparing a festive meal should not be a source of stress, on the contrary, you must know how to take advantage of this festive moment and especially spend time with your loved ones rather than staying locked up in the kitchen. To be able to offer a festive meal without being overwhelmed, you have to rely on small household appliances. Here are three versions of meals to prepare with the help of household appliances to impress without wading.

Buffet meal style

This is the big trend of the moment: the buffet version sweet table. It is most often a sweet buffet on a given theme and whose decoration plays the main role. The pastry offered on these sweet tables is often of Anglo-Saxon origin, like cupcakes or cake pops. To make these desserts a success, you can use a cake pop machine like the Simeo FC 610 or a cupcake maker like the Bestron DKP 2828. You can also present mini sweet or savory waffles with the Tefal waffle maker mini's.

Traditional meal way

If you want to prepare a more traditional meal, turn to the devices that allow you to make elaborate dishes without spending your time in the kitchen. As a starter, you can offer an asparagus cream or even a scallop-cauliflower velouté with a heating blender such as Soup & Co from Moulinex. As a main dish, opt for a slow cooker that you won't have to worry about with an electric slow cooker like the Kenwood CP 658.

Friendly meal way

Finally, let's not forget that the festive meal is above all a pleasant moment to spend with family or friends. For a user-friendly version, we then turn to devices that offer to share the meal but also the preparation. In winter, treat yourself with a raclette or fondue and in summer, surprise your guests with a table plancha.


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