Table linen for party table

Table linen for party table

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The end-of-year celebrations are an opportunity to meet your loved ones around a table and extraordinary dishes. So that your festive meal, which you have prepared with love, is highlighted, do not overlook the table linen that will enhance your dishes. Here are some tips for finding the perfect party tablecloth.

Choose a common theme

To choose your table linen for the holidays, the ideal is to think about a common theme whether for linen but also for plates, glasses as well as decoration. If you already have a nice white tableware, you can then turn to a patterned table linen. Conversely, if your dishes are decorated and colored, opt instead for a more sober tablecloth and napkins that will highlight the patterns on the plates. The basic principle is not to overload your table unless you master the mixtures of colors and patterns.

Fine materials and precious details

In terms of materials, favor noble materials such as linen. Even a solid color tablecloth can be festive if it is embellished with embroidery or delicate details such as, for example, a sparkling water-repellent linen tablecloth. For the colors precisely, we dare anything that is not ordinary like gold, silver or black. For the reasons, we choose themes associated with the holiday season. Snowflakes and stars are ideal for this winter period and elegantly dress a festive table. Finally, don't forget that table linen is not just a tablecloth, you also need to coordinate napkins, table runners and sets.