Mistakes to avoid on the festive table

Mistakes to avoid on the festive table

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Whether for Christmas dinner or Christmas Eve on December 31, the table will be in the spotlight to celebrate these moments of conviviality with family or friends. Also, as we decorate the tree and the house for the holidays, the table should also be impeccable. To avoid mistakes and make a success of your holiday meals, here are the mistakes not to make!

Don't abuse glitter

Okay, the glitter inevitably evokes the party and will look great on your table, but be careful that they don't end up on your plate! The danger of this type of decoration is that small particles stick absolutely everywhere: on bread, cutlery, glasses ... You may find yourself enjoying glitter from starters to desserts. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, we only place glitter as a table runner or we opt for decorations a little larger like golden stars which will also be of the most beautiful effect. Then you can always choose bright or glittery table linen so that the festive spirit stays on the table.

Do not opt ​​for a troublesome centerpiece

Festive meals must above all be shared! Also, it will be more complicated to spend a friendly moment if you do not see your interlocutor opposite. To avoid having to gesticulate on your chair to be able to see your uncle or your sister-in-law at the table, think of a centerpiece that is not too high. Likewise, if you opt for flowers as a centerpiece, make sure that they do not smell too strong as this can give a headache or cause allergies in some people. Of course, it is important to dress the table in the prettiest of ways, but the decoration should not disturb the guests!

Do not neglect the space available

Generally, New Years Eve tables welcome many people! You will have to be careful that everyone has enough space to eat without embarrassment. The first rule is then not to be reluctant to use the extensions. Note that ideally there should be 50 cm between each guest. Similarly, consider that each guest can move his chair back without being embarrassed. And for comfort at the table, we avoid overloading the latter so as not to feel suffocated. Let the dishes be the stars of the meal!

Don't forget the essentials

If decoration is of course important, you should not neglect the utilitarian side of the table. So remember to install carafes of water at each end of the table and a set of salt and pepper shakers if the table is large. Arrange baskets for the bread so that everyone can easily access it. Regarding the dishes, a presentation plate will be welcome for the decor. For glasses, be sure to install a water glass and a wine glass. Note that it is better to use a transparent wine glass in order to see the robe of the wine so play with the color with the water glass instead.