Top 5 small household appliances of winter

Top 5 small household appliances of winter

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When December arrives, we are happy to be tempted by small traditional dishes that warm our hearts. Soups, raclettes, pierrades, fondues or pancakes party: morale is on the plate! Zoom on the 5 devices to pamper especially this winter.

A blender

After the summer smoothies, the blender still offers us many surprises. Welcome to the world of soups and soups, these hot dishes that you only eat in winter! By mixing your favorite vegetables, you create a thousand and one creamy recipes. With such a menu, the rule of 5 fruits and vegetables per day has never been respected as much.

A raclette machine

Tonight is a raclette party at home! And yes, nothing like a raclette machine to improvise a dinner in two stages three movements with family or friends. From XXS formats to XXL formats, there is something for all tastes and desires.

A stone platform

Meat lovers don't say no to a small pierrade. Friendly and warm, this dish is ideal for fighting the cold of winter and spending a pleasant evening with friends…

Fondue maker

Direction Haute-Savoie to find the pleasure of a fondue ... With the right device, it takes little to feel like in a chalet in the mountains. People allergic to cheese are not left out if they turn to chocolate fondues ... Long live gourmandise!

A crepe maker

No need to wait for February to be tempted by pancakes! With butter, sugar, with whipped cream or a flambéed banana: all the compositions and fantasies are possible…


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