Decorative motif: pasta

Decorative motif: pasta

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Pasta, spaghetti, penne or other noodles decorate our cuisine. They are indeed used as a motif on storage boxes, on plates, trivets, tea towels and even on tables! Bring a touch of gastronomic decor and a touch of Italy into your interior and follow our selection.

Pasta boxes

We find the pasta on pretty metal boxes, both practical and aesthetic. To have in the kitchen, close at hand, they bring a touch of decoration. These boxes are ideal for storing spaghetti, shells or other pasta. Find collections with unusual and colorful illustrations, like at Behind the door , creator of objects for the kitchen and the house.

Table art

Pasta as a motif is also very present in the world of tableware. They decorate vintage-style trivets, especially at The lounge chair . At this same address, the pasta displays all the charm of Italy on a box of 6 soup plates in white porcelain. In Salt & Pepper, the pasta is still the motif, but this time it's the word "pasta" that decorates, on a porcelain service in the colors of Italy.

But also…

Always on the kitchen side, the pasta brings its touch of gastronomic decoration by interfering with pot holders or tea towels, especially at the brand Coucke . More original, we find them on canvases and paintings, to hang in the kitchen, so that no one will ignore your love for pasta!


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