Does the sun make the weight? Comparison of solar scales

Does the sun make the weight? Comparison of solar scales

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Like many of you, I have a bathroom scale in my bathroom. And then one day, the batteries died. So, I always have a bathroom scale in my bathroom but it is absolutely useless (at the same time it tended to be unpleasant with me). I could replace the batteries but I know myself. The new batteries are also going to die and I will have a bathroom scale that is useless again. How to break this infernal cycle?

The Brabantia solar scale

I may have found the solution with this new bathroom scale from the Brabantia brand which works with solar energy but also with artificial light. This is not a real innovation because solar scales have already been around for a while but this one takes advantage of Brabantia's know-how and has a 5-year warranty. This scale equipped with two photovoltaic sensors has a handle for walking around with (normal!) And an extra-large screen that tells you your weight up to 160 kilos (100 g scale). Brabantia solar scale, 481109, no price available yet but sells for around £ 40 in the UK

The Beurer solar scale

Since I was learning about solar bathroom scales, I also found a bathroom scale from the Beurer brand rather interesting. It also works with solar energy (5 photovoltaic cells), it will all the more delight ecological concerns since it is made in part with recycled materials. Beurer solar scale, GS50, around € 50

The Terraillon solar scale

And while I was going to close this article, I also discovered the Solar scale for the lowest budgets offered by the Terraillon brand. In view of the visuals and with the difference in prices, we imagine that this last product is less resistant (in any case, it seems) than the first two scales of which I spoke. Solar scale Terraillon, Solar, from 33 € Suddenly (I will not be able to finish this article!), I looked at the case of solar household appliances and we can say that progress in this area are almost nonexistent. Apart from this choice of solar scales, there is virtually no offer. One can wonder about this lack of interest on the part of the manufacturers: I suppose that a large part of the household appliances requires a power above the capacities of the solar energy… But there is no Isn't it also a reluctance on the part of consumers? Are we ready to use solar household appliances?


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