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Anyone who once wanted to master the secrets of pastry knows that this cuisine is demanding and requires a lot of attention. You quickly realize that you have to be well equipped to successfully prepare, which requires a lot of skill and precision. To triumph and become a master in the art of pastry making, do not ignore these devices that will make your life easier.

The pastry robot or kitchen machine

It is the pastry appliance par excellence. It is unbeatable when it comes to kneading, mounting the eggs in snow or mixing. The most sophisticated such as the Kenwood Cooking Chef robot are also capable of cooking your preparations such as sabayons or custard. For a basic model, count a minimum of 100 € like the Cookyoo from Yoo Digital.

The sweets of yesteryear

Waffles, pancakes or ice cream, some pastries are practically impossible without the help of small appliances. And the temptations are great when you see the innovations in this area that show a lot of imagination. We think for example of the new Tarti'gaufres from Lagrange which makes the waffles spreadable or the Pie & Co from Moulinex which cooks mini tartlets in a few minutes.

The new sweets

If French pastry still has a bright future ahead, influences from other countries make us discover new sweet pleasures. Today we can also make it easier with devices specially dedicated to these culinary innovations. There are, for example, devices for baking cupcakes (like the Bestron DKP 2828), cake pops (Simeo FC 610) or even donuts (Bob Home 2751). Enough to prepare magnificent buffets for birthdays!