What decoration with a "firefighter" bed for a little boy?

What decoration with a "firefighter" bed for a little boy?

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Sarah's question:


Answer: choose mouse gray for the walls and do not overload the room

Hello Sarah, the atmosphere of your son's room will be given with his red fire bed which will bring him all his personality. By its color and shape, the bed will take up a lot of space. Therefore, you will avoid overloading the room with too much furniture. In addition to the bed, you will install a small desk, a shelf and a dresser for her clothes if the bedroom is not already equipped with a closet. Paint only one section of the bedroom wall in mouse gray and the others in white or with wallpaper with geometric patterns, for example. Choose gray and red shelves with rounded ends for more softness and different sizes if possible. On the floor, if it is parquet, do not hesitate to put a red carpet (as a reminder of the color of the bed), rather plain and rounded in shape. In the windows, if you choose a wallpaper with the present patterns, prefer neutrality and the plain for the curtains so as not to shrink the room. On the lighting side, opt for original lamps diffusing a soft light except on the desk where it will be a little brighter and conducive to work and reading! You too, send us your decoration question


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