Pixel spirit in decoration

Pixel spirit in decoration

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Digital now follows us everywhere: from television to computer, including cameras and smartphones. But did you know that this new era also inspires decoration by appropriating geek codes. Did the pixel know you?

What is the pixel?

Without going into too technical terms, just know that the pixel is a unit of measurement of the definition of the digital image. So when you buy a digital camera, it is not uncommon to ask the question of the resolution of the image by asking the number of pixels. Concretely, when a digital image is very enlarged, we see appearing small squares which constitute the image and it is this motif which invests our interiors.

Pixel decor, who is it for?

You are a born geek who loves computers and video games or you simply like the graphic style, the pixels are made for you! In the house and especially in the teenagers' bedroom, we appropriate them with decorative accessories. You will find for example rugs, linens or tables that display small colored squares. Some objects are also hijacked in a pixel fashion and we will find, for example, clocks made up of small squares which gives a rather blurred appearance. To integrate these accessories into your decor, it's easy! Place a pixelated object in a decor classic enough to give it a graphic touch or play the card of color by integrating a multicolored carpet in a pop interior. Finally, be aware that you can also create the pixel effect yourself by lining up cushions or mixing square rugs on the floor.