Washing machine: how to choose it?

Washing machine: how to choose it?

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True sign of independence, the washing machine is one of the first acquisitions in household appliances when you move in. The one who takes care of our laundry so much should not be chosen by chance as it will often be a chore every day so find the washing machine that suits us right from the start .

What capacity?

One of the first criteria to take into account depends on the number of people living under his roof. For a single person, a capacity of 5 kg may be sufficient while a large family will be more comfortable with a washing machine weighing more than 7 kg. The space available for your washing machine will also determine the capacity: for a small space, washing machines with top loading are often the solution but their capacity is less. Finally, be aware that there are slim porthole washing machines, that is to say with a shallow depth (between 40 and 45 cm), specially designed for small bathrooms.

What consumption?

To save money but also because you are sensitive to the environment, the water and electricity consumption of your washing machine is important. For this, you must refer to the energy label which informs you before purchasing. You will then know the annual water and electricity consumption of the washing machine, a simple way to compare performance if you hesitate between several products.

Which programs?

Carefully consult the programs available on the washing machine chosen because, if they may seem superfluous before the purchase, they are really of great help. If you are in a hurry or distracted, the 15 minute program can save you from many situations. If you have a precious wardrobe, choose a washing machine that takes care of delicate textiles and replaces you for hand washing. The choice is such that today you will inevitably find a washing machine with programs that match your lifestyle.