Jean-Claude and Danica's balcony

Jean-Claude and Danica's balcony

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. BLOOMA Papaya Garden Furniture Many colors available Foldable: easy to store and move. Folding chair pink color bougainvillea Folding chair purple color Folding table 70 x 70cm pink bougainvillea color BLOOMA Papaya folding sunlounger pink bougainvillea Practical: foldable and equipped with a carrying strap to take it everywhere easily. BLOOMA, an exclusive brand of Castorama CASTORAMA


. BLOOMA Balconcept modular clipping panels Model irregular stone Model imitation Grass Easy and fast: no more tools or preparation , just clip the tiles together directly on the floor. Practical: if you move, just unclip the tiles and take them with you. Aesthetics: many colors and materials available : aluminum, imitation grass, pebbles, teak, composite, stone ... To learn how to install tiles to clip on video click here BLOOMA, an exclusive brand of Castorama CASTORAMA


. BLOOMA modular plant partition gray Anthracite Designed by the designers of Castorama. To place inside or outside. The planters simply hang on BLOOMA, an exclusive brand of Castorama CASTORAMA BLOOMA modular white limestone plant bar Designed by the designers of Castorama. To place inside or outside. Arises between the floor and the ceiling without drilling or gluing. The pots slip into the 4 height-adjustable rings. Available in stand version. BLOOMA, an exclusive brand of Castorama CASTORAMA The candles : P91056 Clair de Lune storm lamp P90799S Wall lights Creativity P90109 Mirador Lantern P95266 Trio of Prestige candle jars P90998 Candle holder Elegance Agent P90937 Silver Elegance lamp P90638 Trio mirror for tealight candle P95308 Aromatherapy gift package Tranquility & Vitality P9530 C370699 Pillar 7 x 12 cm Black Orchid P90533 Lamp holder Cherry blossom G34230 Candle pots 3 wicks Cherry blossom G3482 Candle pots 3 wicks Black Cherry G34150 Candle pots 3 wicks Fleur de Lys G34249 Candle pots 3 wicks Vanilla & Lemon S35395 Candle with 3 wicks Souvenir du littoral V04123 Glazed fruit tealight candles V04286 Vanilla & Lemon tealight candles C33249 Pillar 7 x 7 cm Vanilla & Lemon PARTYLITE


. Autonomous multicolored light ball ø 40 cm Indoors or outdoors. White, yellow, red, green, blue, purple, variable or fixed, you can choose the color using the remote control. CASTORAMA


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