What is the liner?

What is the liner?

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Answer: the liner is a flexible PVC pool liner that can be applied to a non-waterproof pool.

The liner is a swimming pool covering widely used throughout the world. Its many qualities, like its price, its comfort and its reliability, make it remains privileged in France. The liner is made of flexible PVC and is in the form of a pocket which follows the contours of an unsealed basin. This ensures an excellent seal at the pool. Thanks to the pressure exerted by the water, the liner easily holds in place. Quick to install, aesthetic, the liner can last ten years. The thicker it is, the longer it lasts. Finally, there are different styles of liner and multiple colors to create a good harmony with your pool. Be aware however that the liner does not adapt to all forms of swimming pool that exist on the market. Indeed, it is to be avoided if you have a large swimming pool or if the latter has too complex shapes. You too, send us your brico question


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