What is a crawlspace?

What is a crawlspace?

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Answer: a space under the boards to fight against humidity.

A crawl space is a volume of air ("vacuum") between the floor of your house and the surface of the natural floor. It therefore consists in raising the low floor of the ground floor of the construction at least 20 cm above the ground. The function of the crawl space is to insulate the floor of the building, air being the best insulator. In addition, it eliminates rising damp from the natural soil. It generally measures only a few tens of centimeters high and is not necessarily accessible. It is equipped with natural air vents. Grilling these mouths is essential to avoid the intrusion of insects or larger animals. The crawl space is useless if the building has a basement. It is only possible on flat or slightly sloping ground. You too, send us your DIY question.


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