How to eliminate the smell of cement from stone walls?

How to eliminate the smell of cement from stone walls?

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Question from Maurice


Answer: use an acrylic fixative

Hello Maurice, in order to prevent the dust and the smell of the cement from your exposed stone wall from bothering your wife, I advise you to apply an acrylic fixative on it. It will not prevent the wall from breathing and will act in the same way as the mineralizers by letting the walls breathe. The surface will set and will no longer go into dust. If the result obtained is not satisfactory enough, you can apply with a brush or a roller a varnish for stones and bricks composed of acrylic copolymers interlaced with polyurethane. This product sold in DIY stores will not change the natural appearance of the stone but will modify its elasticity. It will require a drying and hardening time between coats that is shorter than for other varnishes. Unlike a simple fixer, your wall will be completely waterproofed against stains and protected. You too, send us your decoration question