Unstructured shelves for maximum effect

Unstructured shelves for maximum effect

Gone are the traditional shelves that formed a geometric grid. Today, the design of the shelves becomes daring so that we do not always know how they stand. We offer a selection of shelves that will show in your interior.

The new shelves

Unstructured, this is the right word to describe the new shelves that are appearing in decoration signs. They thus look more like designer sculptures than storage furniture. There are rectangular models whose interior is a puzzle of Tetris-style shelves, others where the shelves are downright leaning or others whose different modules seem to be balanced on each other. In terms of colors, you will find black or white or even both together for a very designer graphic spirit but also more vivid colors for a pop style.

How to use the unstructured shelves?

Unstructured shelves are used a bit like a work of art. We will place them on a wall in order to dress it, decorate it and above all to energize it. The graphic style will not fail to show on your wall. So decorative, these shelves do not need to be cluttered with many objects. On the contrary play the economy to bring out the lines of the shelf. You can have some books and decorative items like vases or candles. This type of shelf will be ideal in a living room or in an entry.