Hawaiian-inspired decor

Hawaiian-inspired decor

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If the island of Hawaii with its breathtaking landscapes, its volcanoes, its wild nature and the sea as far as the eye can inspire you, here are some ideas to immerse your interior in this unique universe. Aloha!

Tropical ambiance

As soon as you enter your home sweet home, set the tone! Adopt the essential flower necklaces typical of the island and the garlands of shells. Have fun diverting these objects by giving them a "utility". For example, use garlands to separate two pieces. Imagine original coat racks with flower necklaces.

Show the color!

Hawaii is also and above all color. Bet on dishes with flashy hues. Overlay plates of different sizes and colors to remind those of your tablecloth or your table runner Choose a table linen decorated with very large flowers to stay in the mood. You can also adopt these cheerful colors for your bed linen.

Stickers and wallpapers

To give the air of a paradise island to your interior, also bet on stickers and wallpapers decorated with flowers and trees typical of the island. Claim a room with a sea view by covering the wall opposite your bed with a digital lagoon decor. To give relief to your atmosphere, you will find many decorative objects such as flip-flop candles or palm-shaped lamps.


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