Nature decor: mistakes to avoid

Nature decor: mistakes to avoid

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Want to unwind in a Zen interior after a long day at work? And if you opt for a natural style decor in the living room, bathroom or bedroom. Know that all the pieces lend themselves to the game of plant decoration and that it is easy to adopt it with a few essential colors and objects. Be careful to respect certain criteria to avoid the wrong note. Follow our recommendations for a successful natural decor!

Mistake # 1: Choosing Flashy Colors

The key to a successful decor in the natural style is above all through a judicious choice of colors. So banish from your palette blue, red, pink or even purple and keep the natural tones like green, brown or beige. In terms of furniture, leave the overly designer and colorful furniture in the closet and favor wooden pieces in raw tones.

Mistake # 2: Do not dare the total look

Do not hesitate to try in the living room a natural atmosphere from head to toe. Green paint on the wall, vegetable wallpaper, cushions with leaf patterns and sleek wooden furniture will be your allies for a total successful look. For a subtle decor, bet on colors like beige and taupe for accessories. For example, opt for a carpet in light brown tones. On the sofa side we suggest a beige fabric model conducive to well-being and relaxation. We also like a stone Buddha head here, a miniature Zen garden there and paintings with pebble patterns to complete the picture.

Mistake # 3: confining it to the living room

The advantage with the natural style is that it finds its place in all rooms of the house. If the living room is the room in which it is most often adopted, know that the bedroom and the bathroom are just as suitable to receive it. In a master bedroom, opt for a headboard made of wallpaper with forest prints and on bed linen in natural colors such as beige and taupe. In the bathroom, head to pebble-shaped basins, stone wall coverings and bamboo-patterned shower curtains to create a natural atmosphere.

Mistake # 4: Turning your interior into a jungle

Daring the total look does not mean transforming your interior into a real jungle. Measurement is important for successful natural decoration so we start by using plant motifs sparingly. If you decide to opt for a wallpaper with bamboo designs, do not cover all the walls at the risk of creating an overloaded atmosphere. Choose only one section of wall, for example the one where your sofa is leaning, and paint the others in a light green.

Mistake # 5: Accumulating Zen Accessories

Last word of the editor to make a success of your decor of nature style. Do not overload the room with Zen accessories. Buddha heads, indoor fountains, Zen gardens, bamboo, cushions with plant motifs, elegantly accessorize your decor, only used in small touches. So avoid as much as possible the accumulation at the risk of quickly getting tired of your Zen atmosphere. Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden. Our practical table decoration videos


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