What colors for a feminine interior but not too much?

What colors for a feminine interior but not too much?

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If you want to put femininity in the spotlight in your interior decoration, choose soft atmospheres and emphasize the brightness. Whatever the desired style, bohemian, shabby or natural, don't forget the touch of elegance and refinement brought by a few well-chosen decorative elements. On the color side, the measure is essential because it is not a question of falling into the too much. We avoid clichés with hard teeth, namely the ultra pink in total look so as not to sink into the marshmallow and risk overdose.

Ultra feminine bohemian style

Dare to use colors to create a bohemian atmosphere in your feminine interior. There, there is no question of temperance: so reserve the pastel to another universe. On the other hand, give free rein to your creativity by harmonizing bright colors such as turquoise and fuchsia or even orange and purple. Tones to remember without limit by opting for plaids in Indian fabric, velvet curtains or a multitude of colorful rugs in vegetable silk or pure wool. Decorative objects brought back from your travels, pouf in patchwork and painted wooden furniture are inseparable from the bohemian style.

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Powder pink and pearl gray for shabby chic bedroom

Far from the overly flowery blooms, the feminine bedroom gains in refinement thanks to the association of antiques, old family furniture repainted in white and powder pink walls with infinite delicacy. To bring a touch of sobriety to this shabby atmosphere, the ideal is to lay a pearl gray floor covering of rare elegance. By applying a stronger gray on a single wall, we can obtain a judicious accentuation of the contrasts which will have the effect of energizing the space, but without excess. Choose an embroidered linen, scalloped or bordered with delicate lace, white, ecru or gray for the bed linen and place soft cushions, flashy pink and anthracite on the bed.
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Feminine bathroom and natural ambiance

Nature is a source of inspiration no limit. We can therefore draw on our ideas of color harmony to recreate a place we love: seaside or bucolic atmosphere for example. In a feminine bathroom, nothing should disturb these moments for you. Among the color combinations that lend themselves more particularly to a feminine interior, white, light blue and sand color bring freshness and clarity. The twine, taupe and orange tones emphasize softness. We can also dare a shades of greens, punctuated with pebble beige and associated with the purity of white for a natural spirit. To enhance with a multitude of plants to hang and hang to recreate a real little indoor garden.
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Sensual red for feminine decor

Both intense and warm, the red color evokes passion. In the entry, in the living room, in the kitchen, it lends itself to all daring. Red is easy to harmonize with other colors such as yellow, gray, beige, a few taupe or purple tips, but also with wood, steel and contemporary materials. We can soften and enhance the atmosphere with white if we opt for a section of red wall. Refined, the sublime red and black marriage is to be used sparingly to avoid darkening the room. Finally, to evoke seduction, red can be used in a sophisticated boudoir-style feminine bedroom with a large four-poster bed. To avoid saturation, it is better to moderate the intensity of the colors by associating red with white.
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