Original: a refrigerator with integrated ice cream maker

Original: a refrigerator with integrated ice cream maker

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Finally ! He arrived ! The warm, invigorating, friendly and comforting sun. It must be admitted that we were only waiting for him to get into the summer kitchen. We have salads, grilled meats, piperades and brandades. We have been waiting for months to be able to prepare fresh and ice cream, stock up on vegetables and fruit but also - on the gourmet side - ice cream and sorbets. This is why we welcome with open arms the new Beko refrigerator, the Sorbeto. Today refrigerators are no longer condemned to keep only our food, they are also able to offer us many other functions such as the provision of fresh filtered water or the distribution of ice cubes, among the most common. A common point all the same: these ancillary services all have to do with the cold. Finally, there is a certain logic in the refrigerator being responsible for making ice creams and sorbets. Anyone with an ice-cream maker will understand the hint.
There are two kinds of ice-cream maker, those with independent cold capable of creating all the refrigeration necessary for the preparation of ice creams and those with cold accumulator whose tank must be placed several hours in the freezer to function. The latter, more popular because they are cheaper, generally occupy a significant place in the freezer and if they are not refrigerated in advance, it is impossible to make an ice cream the same day. With the Sorbeto refrigerator, there is plenty of room since the ice cream maker is integrated. It also has three modes for preparing ice creams, yogurt ice creams or sorbets with as much efficiency. The Beko brand indicates that it is thus possible to prepare half a liter of homemade ice cream in 1:30. Supplied with a cookbook, the Sorbeto refrigerator is likely to become the favorite spot for your children's holidays. Sorbeto refrigerator, DN161230DX, Beko, 1500 €


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