The mistakes to avoid with a wall of frames

The mistakes to avoid with a wall of frames

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Out of inspiration to decorate the wall of your living room, your bedroom or even your staircase? Have you thought about the wall of frames? Very trendy, the accumulation of paintings on the same wall is the good idea to display your desires and create a unique atmosphere. To help you compose one in your interior without lack of taste, let yourself be guided by our list of errors to avoid.

Mistake # 1: Choosing a narrow wall

The choice of the wall to create an accumulation of frames is essential. It is obviously not advisable to install your composition on a narrow wall to avoid an overloaded effect in the room. We therefore avoid small spaces and we prefer large rooms that lend themselves very well to this type of decor such as the living room and bedroom. In these two rooms, we like the accumulation of frames on the walls above the sofa and the bed or in a corner. To dress a long corridor or staircase, you can also choose this type of composition by betting on a horizontal alignment for one and on a total covering of the wall for the second.

Mistake # 2: Installing the frames on patterns

After having selected the room in which you want to install your wall of frames, it is the turn of the wall to be screened. As we start a drawing on a white sheet, launch yourself on a blank wall not necessarily white but above all plain. We absolutely avoid a wall upholstered with patterns at the risk of obtaining an old-fashioned effect. A wall in pastel colors like pink or green water can of course accommodate all your paintings.

Mistake # 3: Putting Only Works of Art

Wall of frames rhymes with unique wall which has personality. For this, we do not only bet on works of art but we dare to mix family photos, graphic images, illustrations or pages of magazines that have caught our eye. We install everything pell-mell to give an original and individual look to our interior.

Mistake # 4: Opting for frames with different styles

If mixing sizes of frames in this type of decorative wall is advisable, it is not desirable to mix styles. You can obviously combine frames in sober colors like white, black or light wood in different dimensions for a clean wall with ease. If you prefer a more daring style, bet on a wall covered with patterned frames also in plain and sober colors.

Mistake # 5: Do not prepare its composition before starting to fix

Since it is the accumulation that makes the style, you can bet on as many frames as you want. Be careful all the same before planting any nail. To have a harmonious whole on the wall, it is of course necessary to think of the result before starting to fix the frames. For this, we advise you to prepare your composition on the floor or tape the sheets of paper the size of your paintings to the wall and recompose endlessly until you find the ideal arrangement. Our practical decoration videos