Mistakes to Avoid for a Warm Home

Mistakes to Avoid for a Warm Home

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A comfortable house is first of all a warm house during the winter for pleasant family evenings. But in many old dwellings, being warm takes prowess. To avoid spending fortunes on heating, it is obviously necessary to avoid certain errors both in terms of insulation and maintenance of its heating system. As for the abandoned wood stove or old chimney, they could well resume service.

Mistake # 1: Neglecting home insulation

You can't be hot in a poorly insulated house. Good quality thermal insulation helps reduce the thermal bridges responsible for heat loss. It is therefore necessary to opt for materials which do not let the cold penetrate into the dwelling and which prevents the interior heat from escaping towards the outside. They will also be just as effective in summer and will keep your interior pleasantly cool. To improve the comfort of the house, it is best to contact a professional because he has all the insulation solutions capable of neutralizing thermal bridges.

Mistake 2: Multiplying the air currents

Openings such as front doors, windows and French doors are responsible for cooling the house, especially when it is reluctant to maintain them and they are made of wood. Indeed, after a few years, the wood may have aged badly and the openings have closed poorly. To remedy this, simply place a caulking seal around each opening. And to improve the insulation of openings that are not fitted with double glazing, it suffices to place an electrostatic filter on each window. Finally, taking care to close the shutters at sunset allows the room temperature to rise by a good degree. These simple but effective solutions prevent cold air from entering the home. Creative minds can make funny or refined door socks to match the decor and hang velvet curtains, just to limit drafts in style.

Mistake # 3: Leaving the chimney abandoned

Having a fireplace is an asset, and it is unfortunate not to use it. In addition to being pleasant to look at, a chimney fire is a gold mine because it allows to diffuse a pleasant heat in the house without weighing on the budget. It is also the same for the wood stove that it is very useful to put back into service as soon as the outside temperatures drop. It is important to opt for a well-dried NF certified firewood from species with high calorific output such as oak or ash for example. Be careful though to think about having the chimney swept by a professional.

Error N ° 4: Let the heating circuit become dirty

After a few years, the heating circuit loses its efficiency because the mineral salts which tend to accumulate there form a mud and prevent the good circulation of heat. As for radiators, they can prove to be less and less effective and be responsible for noises and whistles as soon as an excess of air has accumulated in the pipes. It is therefore very important to purge the radiators during September or October, before they are put into operation for the winter, that is to say when the boiler is still in the "summer" position. For cleaning the heating circuit, it may be useful to obtain information from the technician responsible for servicing the boiler. Our practical decoration videos


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