Sewing video: sew the pants pocket

Sewing video: sew the pants pocket

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Do you want to add a pocket to a garment already made? Jeanne Kolifrat, creator and trainer at Piquécouc, shows you how to easily sew a pocket.

Watch the video :

Sew pocket bottoms

Before starting to sew a pocket, you must first position two pocket bottoms on either side of the location where you want to make the pocket, right sides together with the news: 739845 fabric already sewn. To make your pocket bottoms, cut a rounded shape in a rectangle, taking your hand as a guide to be sure you can then place it in the pocket. When your pocket bottoms are positioned, pin them to the news: 739845 initial fabric. Then sew each pocket bottom to the actu: 739845 initial fabric, making an actu: 737341 stopping point. Proceed in the same way for each pocket bottom.

Create the pocket

When the pocket bottoms are fixed, assemble them using pins. Then stitch the news: 739845 initial fabric along the existing seam, then all around the pocket bottoms, before finishing again with a seam on the existing seam, on the other side. To stitch the pocket bottoms, stick the needle into the actu: 739845 fabric when you reach the pocket bottoms, then lift the foot before replacing the actu: 739845 tissue in the correct direction. When you are finished, unstitch the thread used to fix the top of the pocket bottoms to the actu: 739845 initial fabric, to create the opening. Flip the news: 739845 fabric to view the finished pocket. Thanks to Jeanne Kolifrat, sewing is in your pocket! Watch the video Sewing a pants pocket on Produced by Minute Facile.