Deco saga: Amadeus to furnish the house

Deco saga: Amadeus to furnish the house

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Amadeus has been offering collections of decorative objects, furniture and storage items for more than twenty-five years in a very diverse range of styles but always at the forefront of the trend. Tableware is also at the center of the brand's concerns. Today become a must for professionals as much as individuals, Amadeus is emblematic of charm, comfort, modernity and aesthetics.

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History of a brand

It was Jean Deschamps who, in 1988, created the Amadeus brand, first focused on ceramic objects and glassware. Very quickly, Amadeus opened up to other universes such as furniture, interior accessories, linens, decor for children and birth gifts, without forgetting the art of the table. The brand offers different styles to integrate into many decors, from baroque to design, with a constant concern for modernity. The main objective of Amadeus designers is to offer a range of easy-going and trendy products, not without charm, character and elegance. So the brand presents two collections that are always eagerly awaited each year.

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The refinement for each atmosphere

Everyone can integrate Amadeus furniture into their interior decoration. Trolley on wheels, console with iron feet, padded headboard, chest of drawers, wooden and zinc bedside table or lacquered chiffonnier and metal table are just a few examples of the brand's furniture. Each piece is carefully designed and guarantees a good quality of finish, whether it is composed of recomposed wood or solid wood of beautiful quality such as mahogany or teak.

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It is even very easy with Amadeus creations to combine several styles in order to bring a touch of originality to its interior. Thus, it is possible to add a country note to a classic universe, or some romantic accents in a baroque decoration. To the furniture are added decorative objects just as trendy as clocks, frames or even essential mirrors.

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Amadeus, attention to detail

Each Amadeus collection is an incredible source of inspiration for decoration enthusiasts, from the cozy interior to the bistro style, from the industrial spirit to the antique look. Amadeus meets all requirements without ever lacking in elegance or modernity. Among the Amadeus ranges we keep in mind Korb by Amadeus, Agatha or even Violin and Sonata d'Automne. We also like the enveloping and comfortable Amadeus armchairs where coiling becomes a priority. Swivel, in sponge and wood, or fixed in leather and burlap, each Amadeus armchair finds its place in our contemporary worlds. But Amadeus, they are also objects with shapes and tones of absolute softness, intended for all rooms of the house. We delight in drawing from the various Amadeus collections objects with poetic inspiration, some of which remind us with a touch of nostalgia of the best memories of childhood.

Photo credit: Amadeus

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