Colorama in the toilet

Colorama in the toilet

And if you choose the color in the toilet. Very often the neglected of the house, the toilets are little even without particular decoration. However, the decor has not forgotten them. Toilet paper in various colors, soft carpet and ultra colorful ergonomic extra storage give a little style to this room that we tend to put aside.

Take back your toilet

Go take your courage in both hands and completely repaint the space. The color this season, Radiant Orchid purple, slightly pink. Praised for its optimistic side and to revive neutral tones, it is perceived as a soothing shade that helps concentration. Perfect for toilets! Then, bring out the color of your wall by choosing a green shelf, seen on the site, which will contrast with purple. By choosing it in a complementary shade compared to your wall, you will bring out the two colors.

Make room for accessories

Echo the purple by choosing a brush and a paper dispenser, from Izaneo, of the same shade or, on the contrary, contrast with the green by opting for an Eminza lime green paper dispenser. The must, coordinate your toilet paper with the colors of your room. At Renova, there is a plethora of colors and patterns that will fit in your toilet. And to always keep your feet warm, bet on a sponge mat with ultra violet reflections, easy to maintain, it will add pep's to your tiles!