Material focus: how to choose a drawing board?

Material focus: how to choose a drawing board?

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The drawing board is an essential accessory for any artist who wishes to transport his creations without risking damaging them. Material, format, thickness, fastening system ... The criteria for choosing your future drawing board are many. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

The format to be classified

The format to classify your drawing board will depend on the dimensions of your works. There are different formats of drawing boxes :

  • Half grape (325 500 mm)
  • Grape (500x650 mm)
  • A1 (594x847 mm)
  • A2 (420x594 mm)
  • A3 (297x420 mm)
  • A4 (297x210 mm)
  • B1 (728x1030 mm)
  • B2 (515x728 mm)
  • B3 (364x515 mm)
  • B4 (257x364 mm)
  • Jesus (560x760 mm)
  • Large eagle (750x1100 mm)

The thickness of the drawing board

It is the thickness of the drawing board that depends on its rigidity, but also its weight. The thicker the cardboard, the heavier it will weigh. Here are the main thicknesses currently available:

  • 12 / 10e
  • 18/10
  • 19/10
  • 20/10
  • 21/10
  • 24 / 10e
  • 29/10

The material of the drawing board

Most of drawing boxes sold commercially consist of cardboard covered with paper. Cardboard gives it its rigidity and solidity, while surface paper gives it a smoother and more aesthetic finish. Some models are covered with laminated paper. You will also find drawing boxes made of plastic, generally presented in the form of a polypropylene case.

The attachment of the drawing board

Tape or elastic represent the two main closure systems for drawing boxes . Plastic drawing bags can have a zip closure, while some cardboard models can be fitted with a handle for easy transportation.

The price of drawing board

The price of one drawing board obviously depends on its size but also on its material and its attachment system. Count between 30 and 60 euros for an A1 format and between 5 and 20 euros for an A4 format.