Maintain your carpets

Maintain your carpets

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Whatever the interior decoration, the carpet is for all atmospheres. It brings softness and comfort, and can be declined in an infinite palette of colors. But the carpets in the living room, dining room and children's room are much more exposed to dirt than the others. It is therefore useful to know how to maintain your carpets on a daily basis, or even detach them, without risking destroying their original colors.

Detaching carpets

Of all the rugs in the house, that of the living room rarely escapes the stains of wine, sauce, coffee or chocolate. As for that of the child's room, it is very likely to be exposed to water paint, ink stains or inlays of plasticine. It is therefore imperative to know the stain removal tips in order to give a makeover to this decoration accessory. Certainly dry cleaning is undoubtedly the best solution to detach a carpet without damage. But for economic reasons, we sometimes balk at dropping our carpets at the dry cleaning. It remains in this case to perform dry cleaning at home. Commercial products, in the form of foam, are generally quite effective on all types of stains. It is enough to spray a generous layer of foam on the part of the carpet to be cleaned, to penetrate the product into the fibers with a brush with soft bristles then to let the foam act according to the indications of the supplier. After this period of time, it only remains to vacuum the vacuum cleaner to find a clean carpet. You do not want to use this type of product? Know that a little water and soap will do the trick very well, and will be effective in cleaning a stained carpet. You just need to rub the stains carefully to get rid of them, then let them dry.

Reviving the colors of a carpet

Baking soda is an ultra economical and very effective product to restore shine to the shimmering colors of all carpets in the house. After a careful vacuuming, simply spread a thin layer of baking soda over the entire surface of the carpet and leave to act before vacuuming again. Baking soda can also be used regularly for routine carpet maintenance.

Routine maintenance of a silk carpet

The delicate silk carpet requires special care. It is of course imperative to vacuum it several times a week in order to rid it of dust and mites, but also before and after any anti-stain treatment. In the event of heavy soiling or stains, care should be taken when choosing the stain remover. It is essential to read the instructions on the packaging carefully because certain foams, powders and shampoos for carpets are likely to attack the fibers and cause the colors of a silk carpet to overflow. A test can be carried out using a cotton pad on an invisible corner of the carpet. But the wiser is still to first use Marseille soap and a sponge lightly soaked in clear water or containing a few drops of ammonia, then rinse with water with a hint of white vinegar. Finally, baking soda and Sommières earth can be used without fear on a worn or very dirty silk carpet. Block the carpet in your living room Our practical DIY videos